Branding & Creative Identity:

At Tuna, our talented team of branding specialist not only creates unique and recognizable brand images for our clients, we bring brands to life.  We believe in developing brand identities that create an emotional connection to the company, products, and services it represents. Conceptualizing visual identity is more than just creating a first impression; it’s about establishing our clients business as one that is relevant, interesting, and valuable to consumer’s lives. Our writers, creative directors, artist, animators, producers, videographers, technical specialist, and trend setting influencers holistically integrate their talents to provide long lasting creative solutions for useful and likeable brand identities that truly withstand the test of time.



To effectively market to any audience you have to understand it in a way that brings interest and relevancy to the consumer’s lives. At Tuna, we use strategic analysis to create a one of a kind marketing approach that is constantly evolving in a way that adds significant value to our client’s products and services. Whether it involves Guerilla tactics, 360-degree advertising campaigns, nationwide bus tours, or digital media brand building initiatives, we harness the power of creativity, technology, and community to create break through experiences that provide substance and authenticity on and offline.


Public Relations:

At Tuna, we take an unconventional approach to communication strategy by offering our clients direct results focusing efforts not only on mainstream media, but on direct communication to their target audiences as well. We strategically use the Internet, social media resources, digital advertising, e-blasts, mobile applications, search engines, online press release distributions, and RSS feeds to release instantaneous brand to consumer information to thousands of people in near real-time.
Additionally, we help our clients to cultivate personal relationships through initiatives such as creating nationwide ambassador programs, hosting private networking social events for industry influencers in top markets, and establishing recognizable partners for philanthropic partnerships. As communication landscapes continue to evolve with cultural shifts, we help keep our clients relevant with growing technologies, while continuing to foster authentic relationships, which are dually important in accomplishing positive reputations and long lasting brands.



Events & Promotions:

Tuna’s full-service production team specializes in the development, planning, management, and execution of high-caliber special events and brand integrations with customized personal service and outstanding results. From original design to project break down, we uniquely execute product launches, fashion & award shows, live television broadcasts, mobile branding tours, and corporate sponsorship instillations by using innovative concepts and a visionary approach for interactive experiences with vivid, long lasting impressions.


Video & Commercial Production:

At Tuna, our highly experienced team of producers, creative directors, script writers, voice over talents, animators, graphic designers, videographers and editors specialize in TV commercial productions, promotional videos, show teasers, bumpers, documentary films, and live broadcast productions for international audiences worldwide.
With over 15 years of global experience, Tuna’s award winning team has conceptualized, produced, and executed some of the most creative, visually stunning, and result-oriented video communications efforts recognized today for client’s including MTV, Discovery Channel, Sony, Nickelodeon, A&E, Blackberry, Johnny Walker and the Hispanic Heritage Foundation.
Our one of a kind creative concepts, strategic visions, and unprecedented team of talented industry professionals provide personal attention from start to finish in order to understand and execute the individual visions specific to each of our unique clients.


Social Media:

At Tuna, we collectively combine the talents of our writers, artists, analytic specialists, and digital trend forecasters to offer our clients social media initiatives that build engaging, interactive, and meaningful brand building relationships. We use measureable digital analytics that are client specific to strategically spark online conversations and cultivate brand reputations. We harness the power of design, creativity, video, technology, and community to create break through digital experiences that provide substance and authenticity for long lasting brand identities that enhance and support our clients overall marketing goals.



Digital Media Marketing:

At Tuna, our team of digital research experts go way beyond traditional web analytics, to provide detailed insight across all of your paid, earned, and owned media to tell you what’s working and what’s not. We use complex resource technologies to gather SEO, social data, advanced SEM bid optimization, and digital media attribution information to measure the consumer journey end to end, capturing all of the media they’re exposed to and how each channel affects your goals. The result provides a highly optimized digital media marketing and advertising plan that puts your money to work, where it works best.


Graphic Design & Motion Graphics:

If it is one thing that Tuna is known for, it’s outstanding creative design. Being a multimedia creative agency allows our diverse team of specialized designers the unique ability to enhance all areas of our client’s branding messages including identity development & logo design, print design, advertising, web design, social media development, video production, channel brand identities, animation technology, motion graphics offering 2D & 3D, titles & text, and photo image animation for full-spectrum design services. Our selective group of visual artists are recognized and appreciated among the industry’s best as top creative talent that provide consistent excellence and highly successful design solutions.


Website Design & Applications:

At Tuna, we believe that a website should not only be uniquely and beautifully designed, but user friendly and functional. Our talented teams of frontend and backend design specialist provide innovative website development solutions by using cutting edge technology and tactical navigation techniques to help our client’s engage worldwide with new and existing customers. We take the time to get to know our clients needs and offer strategic plans tailored to best accomplish their digital goals while keeping them ahead in today’s fast-paced online environment. Our creative visions, analytical techniques, mobile application developments, social media campaign initiatives, high quality designs and cutting edge marketing tactics powerfully combine to create websites and applications that provide dynamic brand experiences for all.